Professional Practice Growth

Physician loans

Thirty years plus in business has afforded us excellent business relationships with many respected and prominent commercial banks and specialty lenders across the nation, icluding preferred & certified; national & regional SBA / USDA lenders; investment banks; institutional investors; and even private lenders for some of the tough-to-do deals traditional lenders won’t touch. Because, in which we can show good potential. Yet, we know who has ceased lending operations and who has started. What their lending criteria is, and where a specific client will be best served resulting in competitive financing – usually with numerous options from which to choose.

We have no loyalty to any lender. Our loyalty is solely to you, our client.

Instead of contacting one lender after another hoping to achieve practice financing before the deal goes under, let us take your practice financing needs directly. Because, to those lenders most likely to commit to your request. Also, knowing that after an exhaustive analysis and information gathering process. In addition, we will provide chosen lenders a professionally prepared lending request package for their review and consideration.

While, advising our clients through the entire process of practice selection, analysis/valuation, negotiations with the seller, financing, transitions into ownership or partnership, and beyond, for:

  • We specialize in Start-Ups.
  • Practice Acquisitions.
  • Practice Mergers.

We have served hundreds of various dentists, veterinarians, and medical professionals for nearly three decades. Because, understanding the differences, practice to practice, specialty to specialty, etc.  Also, we understand every aspect of your  practice operations, including insurance contracts & fee-for-service . In addition, how each impacts cash flow; the value of consultants to increase productivity; the importance of marketing and the different approaches to such.

Capital4HealthCare, LLC understands the process of transitioning a new owner or partner into a position of leadership and accountability, so that s/he can effect the same attributes to his or her staff.  Because, all these things affect not only your ability to secure the practice financing you need, but to succeed in business.

As a result, at Capital4HealthCare, LLC we represent solely your interests and our experts will be there to support you and answer all of your difficult questions you may have. Because, practice financing is available to all qualified borrowers.

To learn more about our financial products and services, please contact us at 1-800-324-8808 or by email: